About Us

Our primary focus at Ghost Tree Sales (GTS) is to expand product sales quickly and sustainably within any North American market, channel and retailer. We work to establish a foothold in the market, generate sales velocity, and expand distribution to ensure trial, brand equity, and longevity. We build a brand’s distribution network to meet its specific objectives and resources as well as service the growth of its list of retailers all while executing a promotion plan within budget.

GTS is the first group in North America that specializes in launching emerging brands. With  extensive experience launching brands to the marketplace, we understand that each brand is different and requires a carefully crafted, well executed and fluid plan to achieve success.

However, what ultimately sets GTS apart is our unwavering focus on sales. This is the driving force of our business and it is our promise to all our partners. We continue to put the right amount of pressure on buyers, follow-up until close and maintain regular communication with category managers to build our partners’ businesses.  Put simply, we’re your hired guns to drive sales; we’re fearless, aggressive, focused and organized.

“When your passion is greater than your fear, you’re ready for Ghost Tree.”